Residence Strok d.o.o. is company providing accommodation for elderly, powerless and disabled persons.

Residence Strok d.o.o. is located in Desinic, place which writes its own rich history. 

Desinic is near Zagreb – 1 hour drive from center of Zagreb.

You don’t need to look for another place to accommodate you.

We have big courtyards with flower and greenery throughout the year. Free parking is at our customers disposal and there is a lot of space for walks in the nature. Several spas and beautiful castle Veliki Tabor from 16 century is also in the vicinity.

Border of Slovenia is 13 kilometers away, so international communication between people is easy.

We have years of experience which guarantees safe choice as to where golden days of your life will be.

We are currently taking care of more mobile and immobile persons who spend their days in the warmth and security of our and theirs home.

Our main goal is to give pleasure to our clients and we are, with love and understanding, accessing every individual according to his or hers needs.